Chardy Architects Constructors (CAC) is a leader in innovative architectural designs, construction and interior desings. Since we have been in business for more that two decades, innovation is the key to define the arts of anything and in this case bringing a whole new theme in the world of design and land marking.


The Mission

By defining new ways of designs in the Architecture, Construction and Interior design. This will be done by pushing our clients imaginations and desire beyond their limits. To transform design from just being a business but to be a quality lifestyle for our clients and hence building a visionary communities of our world.


Our Values and Principles

1. Innovation and creativity

2. Hardwork

3. Integrity and respect

4. Quality

5. Punctuality

MANAGING DIRECTOR: Khathu Magwalivha

email: | cell: 081 795 6489

Mr Khathu brings the managing skills into the company. This he does by overseeing all divisions together with their expansions, to put CAC in the world map in line with the vision. He has extensive experience in Architectural designs and Information technology.



Mr Fhatu holds a Bsc. Mining Engineering Degree from the University of the Witwatersrand. He bring the corporate skills that expands and propels the growth of the CAC company. Through building lasting partnerships with our clients, maximizing the exposure of media and social networks CAC continues to mark a mark in the development industry.

Skills development

We subscribe to the code of developing skills in africa and the rest of the world.

Chardy School of Design

We offer courses from Architectural Designs, Construction, Business Management etc.

Latest Projects

We are always working on new projects and designs.