Our Services


We serve our clients with the best designs that shape their desire and the art of design. The Designs are in the following categories:

1. Residential Buildings. Bali, Tuscany, Flat rooms, Castle walls, Modern style and etc.

2. Commercial Buildings. Residential blocks, Shopping complexes

3. Vocation Buildings. B&B's, Lodges, Hotels

4. Events buildings. Halls, Churches

5. Customized Buildings. These are designed totally on the client's desire and description.


CAC has been constructing landmark buildings for more than two decades, from residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The CAC construction division is based on two pillars which are:

1. Quality. Property has to be elegant but it's vital for it to last for it's money's worth. The CAC take quality of buildings and it's durability to come first before other things.

2. Time. The time to construct these building measures how much money the client is going to spend and CAC builds quality but in a smart way to save time and money. This needs us to put down our project managers and strategy on toes all the time.


The CAC design, produce and supply Crystal chandeliers. This is part of our interior decor division.

1. Customized designs and supply of Chandeliers

2. Refurbishing of chandeliers.

3. Crystal furnishings, Tiles, chairs, tables and etc

The CAC company subscribe to the code of developing skills in Africa and the rest of the world. We believe that the only way to empower ourselves is by empowering our communities. For this to happen we have to go to them, our schools, religious bodies and even in the streets to impart skills. We believe that skills is salvation because it gives power to anybody anywhere to can enable them to do something on their own and build their dreams and future. Skills not only give them something to do but it's keeps their mind occupied from doing unnecessary things in their lives and focus on building their homes and communities. We need to build 'wise' communities so that our children's children will find a future. For this mission to be possible, The CAC company run the following programmes:

Wise Schools

This skills programme outreach takes place in schools, primary and secondary. We teach skills awareness to this young generation, career guidance and entrepreneurship skills.

Wise Streets

This skills programme outreach takes place in community halls, stadiums and the streets. Our youth spend time in the streets so our team goes in the streets and educate them about the importance of having special skills that they can trade themselves with professionally and do something for themselves. We teach skills awareness to the the young and the old, and entrepreneurship skills, how to draw their business plan and sourcing their own market and maintaining it for growth.

Skills development

We subscribe to the code of developing skills in africa and the rest of the world.

Chardy School of Design

We offer courses from Architectural Designs, Construction, Business Management etc.

Latest Projects

We are always working on new projects and designs.